A new beginning

June 8, 2009

 My first post on WordPress… :)

It feels surreal to finally have the courage to move out of my comfort zone (Blogger) after 4 really long years. The initial move was supposedly to Livejournal where I could do my online sprees using the same account but I guess WordPress eventually prevailed because it gives me the option to private certain entries. Hurray!

Why move on from whats so familiar you ask?

I am fickle. Period. Heh heh heh!

Alrighty, some pictures to round up my first post.

A day out with darling Cherlyn!!!


Swensen’s is having a 1-for-1 weekday lunch offer till the end of this month. :)


Marvellous Cream is also having a 25% off weekday student special. Yayness~

I love good food at value for money prices. :)

After pigging out, we headed down to City Plaza at Paya Lebar for some cheap cheap retail therapy. It was a wrong move.

The construction work there was so horrible we ended up walking a huge round, getting lost and not to mention literally melting in the hot afternoon sun. :( sad to say, the shopping centre did not live up to our expectations at all. The clothes were not cheap and every China worker there seemed to give me “rip-off” vibes.

We bought dresses and shoes anyway – just to justify our trip down. Lesson learnt.


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