June 9, 2009

Because I am having a hard time falling asleep (again!) I decided to come back here and clear more of my photo backlog. Since moving here, I have taken the extra step of uploading my photos on Photobucket before posting them here so the quality and colour stays intact. Brownie points for effort? Hehe!


Last weekend, the family headed down to Dunman High to support Alisa’s dance performance, Danzage.


Prior to that, we had our dinner at the club and I indulged in a Strawberry Flan which was disappointing. :(

Personally, I felt that the performance put up by the Senior High Dance Society was commendable although it was worrying to see my baby sister prance and shake her booty on stage like some veteran clubber. An underaged one at that.


When she turns legal, Mama probably needs to lock her up. LOL!


After the show, she went off with her dance crew (sounds cool right?) and we headed for supper of dimsum and toast at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.


On a side note, Trixie was sharing a incident with me.

“Her friend had a maid for 10 years whom the family trusted a lot. Finally when it was time for the maid to return home and get married, the maid (who was a fantastic baker) baked 2 cakes. One for the family and the other for her to take home. The family was very touched and with heavy hearts, they sent her off at the airport. Upon reaching home, they cut up the cake with intention to eat it when they found the grandmother’s gold jewellery inside.”

The stupid maid brought home the wrong cake! 0_o”

She probably saw that I was getting too buddy buddy with my own maid and was warning me… This world is a greedy place. :(


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