A tired Joy is a cranky Joy

June 13, 2009

I am so tired. I haven’t been so shagged in a long while because my life thus far have really revolved around sleeping, eating and sleeping somemore. :( it sucks to have to be waken up by an alarm instead of the usual sleep till I shuang lifestyle I am so accustomed to. Poo poo!

Work has been tough. Long hours, bad food, and low commission. Its crazy how people pack the area just to BROWSE! It is made worst by BROWSING people who ask a shitload of questions just for the sake of asking. -_- I haven’t even gotten to the point of idiots who bring me on a merry-go-round, raise my hopes of a done deal and then pull the brakes just before payment. DIE YOU PEOPLE, DIE!

Today was the worst. Utterly embarrassing just when I thought I was finally heading home to bed no less! I bet its because my feet ached so bad it lost all feelings… I wobbled and literally crumbled to the ground when I got up from my seat. It was a crowded bus and I had to land on my butt amongst all their shocked faces (not that I know their faces were shocked as I didn’t dare to look up) that was not all!!! Argh! But I shall save some face here and shaddup now.

Haha, okay I am not exactly unhappy just my feet hurt (badly). Plus there is breakfast to look forward to tomorrow! I love kaya! *greedy bum*

Today, my first ever 4D number didn’t open so there goes my Hong Kong Disneyland Trip. So much for beginners luck??? I am going to try again on Sunday so dear 4D god or whoever you are, please bless my numbers. :)

Going to turn in now. Sweet dreams people!

On second thoughts, maybe I shall sleep later. Gotta wait for the Ferrero Rondnoir to digest. Btw, that is my new favorite chocolate!!!! I love it even more than I love Malaysian Kitkats. Hehehehe and I just bought a dozen of them! Awesomeness~


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