June 15, 2009

Girlish banter, bitching and whining.
Eating, drinking, complaining, but still eating.
Slacking, resting, sitting and leaning.
Working, talking, aching and hating.

I have done them all. Its pathetic really (I mean the pay) but I can’t really complain because its money all the same. And I have marvellous company with folks ever ready to hit the staircase or just drop to the floor at whim. It was pretty cool in that sense. :P


Today, we reported to work late because I wanted to have toast for breakkie… I absolutely love kaya toast dipped in soft boiled eggs. Its darn good, I tell you!


And other food cravings of course!! Although the food provided sucked to the core, thank you Zest for always going out of the way to make sure I am fed and contented. :)

Tasteless rice for dinner, I can stomach. Soon Kueh and Siew Mai (YES!!! THOSE ARE TEABREAK STUFF CAN!?) I still bear with it. But when today, the caterer served me pandan cake for dinner, that was the last straw! -_-

So off we went in search for something more substantial. Taiwan Mee Sua is just lovely and Cupwalker is the best! I love love love bubble tea.


Went for a little walkabout with Meishyuan and Zest after closing just to kaypo a little.


Pooped! I don’t think it was obvious but Joleen (Fifi’s sister) was tearing up the flyers and throwing it on me to look like snow. Haha. Pity the cleaner though…

Tmr, I am visiting Tekong Island to send the dear “sister” off to serve the nation. Need to wake up early again! But for the sake of my curiousity darling Darren, I shall get up. Hee! Plus, I get to see Cheeleng too! Double bonus. :)


2 Responses to “Drained!”

  1. alan Says:

    Wow… very interesting life u having. Glad & vy happy u taking it well. Time mgt… and u will enjoy life even better. Take care of your hygiene…bedsheets, pillow all must wash at least once a month (like me…haha).

    Take special care of your face… u have a vy attractive face… love Daddy

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