Darren grows up!

June 27, 2009

Gosh, I have been putting this off for so long!!! Darren didi will be coming out tomorrow and I am just getting around to blogging about his enlistment date, 15th June, today!!!!


Overslept so had to cab down to Pasir Ris Interchange to meet up with the soon-to-be army boy with his parents and Cheeleng. The funny taxi driver detoured to Changi to show me durian trees and tell me scary legends about durian plantations. :P


Darren still with his hair intact.


Going towards the island in an air-conditioned ferry – like going holiday like that. Hoho~


Sea-view room leh!!!! I also wantttttt… :(


“Boy” today, “man” in 2 years time!


Shortly after arrival, we were seperated from Darren and went on a tour to introduce us to military life as well as reassure all the anxious mothers, sisters and girlfriends. Me and Cheeleng, having no blood ties or risk of heartbreak to worry about, had alot of fun taking photos more than listening. LOL!


All fresh enlistees would get a goodie bag!!!!

“New and improved Gilette Fusion shaver retailing $19.90 at Watsons.”
Colgate toothpaste, trusted by dentists all over the world!”

The funny officer made us laugh so hard with his quirky comments that sounded like an advertorial!


At last, we were reunited with the boys and boy, have they changed! Sitting so orderly, so attentive, so disciplined. The sight made many mothers shed silent tears of pride. :)

The “principal” of the school then started some wordy speech and we watched a very old video with a funny song.

“Principal”: Can you soldiers promise me the first call you make out tonight is to your parents?
The boys: Yes Sir!
“Principal”: Can you soldiers promise me that all the calls you make out in the next 2 weeks are to your parents?
The boys: *silence* (a few even dared to say, “No Sir”.)
“Principal” (to the parents): I’m sorry. I tired.

Damn damn funny lah!


Later, we left the auditorium and walked through a passageway flanked by 2 rows of new soldiers. The poor boys could only leave the line when they saw their guests and those without, unfortunately had to remain standing. So sad right???

Lunch was a whole chicken drumstick!! However, I was told that this facade was only going to last for that one day. Gee.


“Purple Light,
In the valley,
That is where,
I want to be,
With my friends,
true companions,
With my rifle and my buddy and me.”


We left after a very interesting day and in tune with the heavy hearts (of the parents and girlfriends), it started pouring and I went home to sleep. :)

:) :) :)

Dear Darren,

You are among the few of my guy friends who are very vocal about your resentment with the next two years of your lives. I sure hope for your own sake you have learnt to like it a teensy bit? Haha!

Its tough, I know. But comarades in arms today will become brothers of tomorrow. I have seen a decent number of such instances. The people you meet inside – the ones you cry together with, complain about training with, tell life stories to, etc, will share similiar experiences to literally bond you as friends who stick through thick and thin. All the push-ups, the guard duty, the early morning wake-up siren, blahblahblah, you know you are not alone. :)

Besides that, trust me when I say, nothing impresses a girl more than a man who is proud of what he does. A man who doesn’t wallow in self-pity but instead rises to the challenge. You need not excel. The key lies in simply, trying your best.

Of course, there are the bums who try to chao geng themselves out of everything – I doubt they are well-liked. Then there are the pushovers that play the Mr. Nice Guy card too often – and is probably bullied.  I sure hope you have enough good sense not to be either. Haha..

Its a pity you aren’t around much in my final 2 weeks and for some reason I seem to keep missing your phonecalls. :( you are my best guy friend. And in my own little way, I will always love you that much. Good luck into becoming a fitter and darker Darren.

Your friend always always always, Joy.

P/S: Aussie is far but through phonecalls, email or whatevernots, I promise to never lose touch with you. All the best!


2 Responses to “Darren grows up!”

  1. xue Says:

    it sounded so sad that darren didi is nt there.. but darren Jia you k! be a stronger and darker darren :D aw i wi b back soon to laugh at ur no hair head OOPS :P

  2. joyholic Says:

    haha.. i didn’t get to laugh before i leave. :( sorry darren!!!

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