June 30, 2009

My last day in home-sweet-home, is far from peaceful. :( with frantic squeezing and last minute packing. :(

Since I probably won’t get an internet connection till nearly a month later, I forsee a dead blog. :P so many many photos for now!!!!


Discounted meal with the SPSE people!!!


Strike off one of my “must-dos” – prawning! :)


Although pretty pricey ($30 for 3 hours) it was alot of fun wrestling with prawns or rather, the guys wrestle and I scream. Haha!


Farewell dinner at Suntec’s Ministry of Food with Adrian. We also watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which was okay okay only lah. But the company was good… THANK YOU!


Father’s Day dinner at Shin Yeh with the grandfather.


Of course can’t forget the grandmother. :) we went to Parkway Parade’s The Caffe Bar for its $13.80 weekday lunch set!!


Lunch with working friends also make up nice conversation and introduce me to cheaper eating choices in the town area.


Not forgetting hanging around the neighbourhood!


Enjoying the sun and sea without having to actually get dirty at VivoCity’s broadwalk..


Nice nice dinner with crispy thin pizza from Modesto’s. :)


 Dinner at Miss Clarity’s with my dearsss who will be coming over just in a few hours time (to help me pack perhaps?) HOHOHO~

Signing off now!! Hope to be able to come online again in the next few days… Ta!


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