Another day in Aussie Land

July 10, 2009

Once again, I succumbed to temptation and is using a very expensive internet connection. But today was a fruitful day. :)

I went for my first orientation session and hung around with Cheeleng as we settled the bank stuff, etc. And I really believe the world is uber small! The friend I met on my first day in Brisbane, Kelly, told me about her Korean roommate which turned out to be Cheeleng’s temporary accomodation neighbour and Gold Coast buddy! This shows, one should never make enemies! Haha.

Today I also realised something is wrong with my prepaid card as money is sucking dry real fast! So after whinning a whole lot, Optus proclaimed me some lucky draw winner. Initially I won 25 handphone games which sucks really as I am not the gamer sort so here I am with 45 extra talktime. Better than nothing I suppose.

Again today, Cheeleng passed me a gift the SPSE peeps prepared for me. OMG!!!! I cried. For the first time the urge to fly home and make it for tomorrow’s gathering became so so so tempting. Darn Jessica! Here I am thinking I am so strong. Haha.

You are right on one point though, I never regretted joining this club and knowing you and yes, I was ugly in year 1. Pictures speak a thousand words. :P

Life here is starting to take shape as I meet new people and create new bonds. But rest assured, new friends may be sliver but my old ones will always be gold. I love you guys please keep safe, what with all the scary swine flu going around.



3 Responses to “Another day in Aussie Land”

  1. loti Says:

    i miss u… take care ok. and do upload pics when free…

  2. JeSsIcA Says:

    ahahaha!! sorry hasnt been here for days.. :P

    OMG i actually made u cry! :O shockin piece of news! *sayang sayang* we really shared many happy moments over the past 4 yrs din we?

    thank god the book is small, cos i actually wanted to get a bigger book wit more pics(cos too many to choose frm LOL). hmmmm, mayb it was a gd idea that the book was small, if not u wud cry till more jialat ba!

    jkjk okie.. hope everything is well, u have cheeleng wit u, everything will be fine. the 2 of u reli must take gd care of one another k.. :D

    and pls pls pls be careful of h1n1! :) i noe u got ur mask and hand sanitizer, remember to at least use the sanitizer more often okie! :)

    chat online soon! *misses* :D <3

    • joyholic Says:

      yeah looking back we did change alot – hopefully for the better – haha… i sure hope that this time apart will not change our friendship. :)

      here got thousands of h1n1 cases so much so it feels like just the ordinary flu. haha. but nevertheless, don’t worry, i will keep myself “sanitized”!!! we are having alot of probs with the internet for our home but i am buying the school quota so shld be able to blog more often now… only msn would be a prob. sighsss! i am gonna miss ur party tmr. super poo poo!

      let’s hv a chalet in dec!!!!! haha! or night cycling at least? :P

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