Freshman Joy

July 20, 2009

I am sooooo sorry I haven’t updated like in a long time. :( Been really busy settling in and during school admin stuff which can be quite a pain.

Just in summary, I have moved into my new pad of which my room is pretty big with a huge-ass wardrobe that I am so loving! Downside though is the springy bed and the scary dark street outside my window but I suppose I could get used to that.

I still don’t have an internet connection because Telstra can’t connect my residential line. But I am anticipating because we are going to SPLURGE on internet because we all cannot tahan slow connection. Lalala~

Shoots, I went out of topic for a while. Initially wanted to rant about how kiasu the angmos are that I couldn’t bid for my classes despite waking up so early this morning! Bleahx! So I am going to showcase the Singapore spirit and camp here by the computer for an hour so I get first dibs on the next release of classes. Neh neh!

Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside now. I am so turning into a caffine addict. Coffee here is da bomb!

Alrighty, be back later… Cheeleng and Alvin (my housemates) are nagging me to go get my NetBank up. Damn priorities!


11 Responses to “Freshman Joy”

  1. ting Says:

    missing you girl! hang on!

    • joyholic Says:

      tingggg!!!! i miss bedok chwee kueh! :( here the weather super freezing then want find pork porridge also cannot then when we try to cook, 1 meal must wash kitchen for 2 days so uber sian. but my room has a huge wardrobe which i think you will love and the scrapbooking materials are cheaper here. waaay cheaper. ur paradise man! haha..

  2. Thiam hee Says:

    hey joy y there isn’t cbox in ur blog?

    take care

    • joyholic Says:

      coz i dunno how to put. haha! i also dunno how to put nuffnang. LOL! u teach me?

      • Thiam hee Says:

        u have ur cbox code? If u have, juz paste it the template.. But i dunno how u gotta put the code at which part of the template.. haha..

        Nuffnang jessica is more pro in it.. have to ask her.. Haha..

      • joyholic Says:

        LOL… i put then they say error. don’t so lazy lah, want tag me then just use this boxy thing can type more also. hehe!

  3. xinyu Says:

    Hey gal…. just dropping by to say hi.. and take care kz…

  4. xue Says:

    arhh how come wash kitchen for 2 days cos of 1 meal? aw aussie do thgs v slowly de.. so jus slowly adapt to the life there ba..
    sch started today right? how is it? Jia you k!!! i cya soon in sg!!! :D

    • joyholic Says:

      coz the whole place became really oily. :( yeah today start sch n i didn’t know… so i was late, lost my way and forgot to bring my pencil box ALL IN ONE DAY!!! *sulks*

  5. xue Says:

    hahaha i was late for the 1st day of sch too.. i went to the wrong cls and couldn’t communicate wif the whites wif my lousy couldn’t ask them how to go to my cls.. and there isn’t any big maps ard sch that time.. bloody hell.. ya pretty horrible too… hahaha

    aw call me when u really need help and couldn’t find any1 k.. in case u forget or lost my number, its +65 92969624
    all seems so hard but thgs wi look better and u wi grow up to b a better gal :D Jia you joy joy!!!

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