Goodbyes on my small red dot

July 28, 2009

It has been approximately a month since I left warm Singapore for wintery Australia. Man, it feels like forever. :( having gone cold turkey from my constant internet addiction, I am proud to say I am adapting well. Better than expected at least.

Anyway, my home wireless is still going bonkers so I am currently in school waiting for Alvin to end his class before we head down to Indooroopilly to settle the internet matters and maybe sign a new phone plan? Haha! Meanwhile, here are my farewells! :)

Friday, 26th June 2009


High-tea treat from my Goo-goo and Kim-kim at Shangri la’s The Rose Veranda. The food spread was yummy but more impressive was the menu of 120 tea varieties.

Goo-goo: I am going to try all the teas!
Waiter: There are 120 types.
Goo-goo: You look down on me???
Waiter: Let’s just say the toilets are faraway.
Goo-goo: Don’t worry, I can run fast.

Later at night, I headed down to meet the gang to head down to Cheeleng’s farewell BBQ at East Coast Park at a very secluded area F (even the cabbie got lost). Shall keep this part for another day when I have gotten the photos!

Saturday, 27th June 2009

Met up with the poly gang again!!! This time, to strike off another item on my ever-so-long “to-do” list. Haha.


Had dinner at my club first… Cheeleng and I received Royce Chocolates from them. Sinful sinful!


Then Gerald drove us down to the nearby Stadium Waterfront in 2 batches.


I love this place since I discovered it last year. :) its as romantic as Esplanade but not so crowded.


If only I had a DSLR or something.. I could probably do this place more justice. Sigh.


Moving on to the highlight of the night, we went to Geylang for durians!!!!


Where Santoso bought (accidently I think) $55 worth of a durian. Yups, its just 1 durian. Haha.. Richard later bought 3 more at $5 each but of course the quality varied quite abit.


The different grading… Apparently Santo got the top of the range ones. Heh heh!

Not surprisingly, we missed the last bus and Gerald had to send some of us home. When he neared my place the guys decided to head down to Changi Village for sugarcane juice and some “bapok” viewing. LOL!

After hanging out till late, I overslept Sunday morning and had to cab down to the hotel to meet the clique for dimsum breakfast buffet!!! I ended up the earliest though.. Poo!


Yummy buffet at a hotel somewhere in Queenstown area.

After a hearty and uber filling meal which led to Serene remarking, “we really should stop eating buffets to torture ourselves”, the girls decked in their HATS headed off to Haw Par Villa to scare themselves off sinning with legends of the 10 levels of hell. Hahaha!

Wanyee and myself left early unfortunately. :(

Anywayssss, I went all the way back to Tampines to meet up with Zest.

Headed down to town intending to shop a little before our Transformers 2 movie. Sadly, that time of the month chose this very opportune day to pay a visit to me and cranky Joy had to find a corner to sulk in.


So we ended up in Starbucks with my big big cup of hot chocolate. *contentment at its best*


Self-entertained with my little brother’s instant camera.


After the movie, the cramps wasn’t kicking in that badly anymore and I checked out the new mall!!!! Disappointed though.


I have gotten around to reading all the little love letters given and you people forgot to include tissues because when my nose gets all runny, Aussie land it all its environmentally-friendliness sells tissue at $3 per box!

Till the next time, miss me!


2 Responses to “Goodbyes on my small red dot”

  1. xue Says:

    yeah yeah u r feeling better! haha can do it de right? aw kmart sells 1 buck tissue ard $0.96 each.
    its pretty gd quality :D
    and grab some tissues fr the cafes and shops when ya out. then u shld b able to save up some $ on that :)

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