August 6, 2009

Gosh, I must really be internet deprieved! Its now 6.20am and the housemates and I are still sitting on the dining table staring at our computer screens with sunlight streaming through the window blinds.

We are sitting on the dining table because I got hungry at about midnight and came out for a snack and managed to tempt Alvin into cooking porridge. Wahahaha! We have been stuck here since. XD

To think for some reason I can’t play online games, I wonder how I spent all those hours!

I need to reformat my com!!! Its freaking slow!!! The only thing holding me back now is my programs… I need an IT genius. HELP!


2 Responses to “*snores*”

  1. Trixieee Says:

    JIE :) i just got back from camp. down with fever and extremely sun-kissed haha. how’s aussie! :D missing U!

    • joyholic Says:

      woah.. “sun-kissed” sounds sexaye! plus “extremely”??? haha.. aussie is great but its just not the same as home-sweet-home. you really need to learn to rest more. not good to keep falling sick at such a young age yeah? will post pictures soon so you guys can see i am alive and kicking! wahahaha! :)

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