Monday Blues

August 10, 2009

Today was truely a bad day… :( had a 9am to 5.20pm day. The longest in my week all just because I want to go shopping tmr and Mama is paying about $3 per minute for my time here so I can’t waste it by skipping school for shopping regardless how huge the sale is.

Had most of my classes alone today and during my lunch hour break, Hanhui insisted I do my Stats tutorial so instead of resting, I cracked my brain on chi-square testing. Poo poo! But persevere, I must.

Met up with Cheeleng for finally, my last tutorial of the day, and boy was I thankful I attempted the tutorial. It was confusing enough to follow the (rather cute) tutor so lucky I didn’t have to worry about copying answers. :)

However, I must have looked in pretty bad shape as Cheeleng complained she was with a walking zombie. ZZZ! Dragged my feet home to an empty house which was so horrible and cold I nearly cried. And when I tried to find someone, there wasn’t any and that really got me pretty down. Its times like this I miss having someone to count on. Someone to call and who would be happy to be my pillar of support. I miss having a boyfriend. A real one and not just someone, a figment of my daydreams and imaginations.

Its sad really that nothing I do seems to be good enough or however far my body tries to run, my heart never seems to follow. Can’t even remember how long it has been but love once lost has no turning back??

So I sat in the dark blasting emo rock songs on the iTouch and just as I got up to microwave a pizza, my awful ringtone rang loud throughout the whole house – Alvin’s coming back to fly lice fry rice. Hahaha… Cheeleng babe also chose this exact moment to send an SMS. Suddenly, its not just me against the world anymore. Love my housemates. :)


Going DFO with them tmr and Ekka on Wednesday. I hope shopping, showbags and alot of sun exposure will chase all my scary nightmares away! Please not let today repeat….


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