Tell me, tell me, do fairytales come true?

August 11, 2009

I am still awake at 3 in the morn… I like nights like this where we bury ourselves in our own business, barely talking but all together. :) maybe I should permanently leave my lappy on the dining table. Haha!

Its nice to talk to both parents at the same time. Hear plans for my return, stories about the little ones and love-filled bickerings. Together with a hot bowl of mushroom soup and my oversized hoodie, I am feeling very contented. :)

Some stuff has been bugging me recently but when I get really sleepy, I just zonk right out. I sleep so tight I don’t even realise when I spin 360 degrees or when I fall off my queen-sized bed even! But I like this bed. It is big and my sheets smell of me.. Lalala~

We are going clubbing tomorrow later today after GT’s housewarming party. He promises “pizza, salad and many more”… I can hardly wait! :)

*Joy heads off to lalaland where she will meet her beloved prince charming and live happily ever after in a castle with a pink unicorn and chocolate waterfall*


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