And she goes “blahhhhh”.

August 16, 2009

Been up to alot of fun things so far.. :) :) :) really need to get a grip on all these extravagances. Money depletes way faster here and its shocking how much I can spend on food alone not counting little daytrips and an occassional retail therapy.

Sigh, self discipline have never been my forte and being alone and exposed to so many new sights and sounds is heavily testing my threshold to say “no”. Argh! So far, I feel I have grown by leaps and bounds. I would like to hope I am not as princess-y as I was a month ago. Hehe! When I return in Nov, you guys will see the transformed me! Lalala~

The weather here is turning better with the exception of the hail I experienced 3 days ago. So exciting!!!! Though school have officially started for quite some time already, the pressure isn’t really there yet. But at least I am no longer getting lost around the campus. Yay! :)

Wanted to come home and mian (sleep) after grocery shopping at Sunnybank early this morning but ended up bumming around too much till I am now too hungry to nap. Oh wells, I sense this entry is a very disjointed and unorganised rant but I am bored. Humour me?

Haha, signing off now! I love you! :)


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