Paintballballball! :)

August 17, 2009

Having paintballed last Saturday, my legs are protesting now… :( its been what? 4 years? Yeah, 4 long years since this body of mine exercised beyond chasing the bus when I am late for school or rolling around on a yoga mat in cute costumes. Darn!

Cheeleng says I walk like a woman in labour. Oh man! This afternoon, I was trying to “waddle” up the stairs to Hanhui’s room with the girls sympathetically climbing at my snail’s pace when suddenly another resident came down whom I presume would be less than patient with me so I sort of hurried. Wrong move! I nearly fell and everything hurt worse after that. :(

Anyway, skipping a whole lot of backdated events, here’s us having fun with friends of friends. Haha…


Somehow or another, the grouped totalled 31 people so we had a decent game of “versus” going on.. I was in BLUEEEEEEEE! :)

On the whole, playing paintball was awesome only the gun was really heavy, the bullets looked like chocolate balls (when I was really craving for chocolate), I didn’t really dare to run around, staying squat behind some wall for ages. Perhaps thanks to that, I didn’t get all bruised and injured like some of them with their “love bites” and bleeding. Eeek! :P


By the time we left the game area, everywhere was closed for the night (Australia shops close at 5pm sharp) so we ended up having mega expensive burgers in the city and cabbing home.

Though I really hate the ache in my thighs and the ugliness of my walk this past two days, the experience was well worth it. :) however, this would be my first and last attempt. Joy Joy’s idea of “sport” probably stops at prancing around malls in high-heel shoes. Hehe.


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