August Babies

August 19, 2009


My piggy daddy turns 50!!! :) I think matured men are sexy aye? So Papa dearest don’t feel bad.. Hehe. But DO feel bad that you gave me the wrong address and now my birthday card with all its pretty stickers is lost somewhere in Abu Dhabi. Grrrr!!!!


For being the one who never judged.
For being the one who is always there.
For making me laugh.
For making me feel all silly.
For teaching me the right things.
For helping me through.

My life sure wouldn’t be the same without you.
For the 1001 things that make you, you,
Thank you..


Happy 22nd and I really hope, you will find the right girl soon. Perhaps next year someone else would be counting down with you? Haha…

I promise, I will wish you well.


One Response to “August Babies”

  1. […] year (read it here), I baked a cuppycake, counted down with him, sang him a birthday song, blew the candle out for him […]

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