Been there, done that.

August 20, 2009

I am feeling accomplished! :)

Been eating in this few days and we actually cooked! Sure, there were instant food here and there but for a solid few days we did manage to put something decent on the table despite our rather lacking kitchen. Hehe. I have also done my bedsheets! Gone is the dusty smell and here comes detergent-smelling (its nice hor!) pink and flower-print sheets, I was so eager to use. Though it took up a large part of my morning, big beds are hard to cover, I am mega proud of myself right now. :)

Housewifey Joy!

And and and I researched on fixed term deposits!!!!!!! Will do some mini investing tomorrow or something. :)

Annnnnnnnnd, because Stats is such utter boredom, I online WINDOWshopped and sort of decided on my birthday present to myself. Hohoho~ *giggles in excitement*

Okie dokie, back to the Math. :(


7 Responses to “Been there, done that.”

  1. ting Says:

    Hi girl, nice to see some order and growing up in your life! I bring to you updates in my life thru my blog, where I talk about my birthday planning and singing lessons updates!
    YOU ARE MISSED!!! Hate missing out on each others’ action! Lols. Make it worth it by doing well hors! Jiayous!!!

  2. ting Says:

    Hey girl! Nice to hear you becoming not so spoiled there! Hahas. Do visit my blog to see whats gg on in my life abt my upcoming birthday plans and singing lessons k?

    Out of all these actions, YOU ARE MISSED!!! (=

    • joyholic Says:


      And I hate missing all the birthdays.. BEACH PARTY! sounds smashing~ :) not pink and fluffy hur? :P

      and yes yes, I always read your blog. :)

  3. xue Says:

    hahahaha housewife joy joy! next time cannot laugh at me le.. woohoo~
    aw i miss having u and cl in our clique, too many boys and only the jessica and me doing random stuff.. haiz.. and i still happily rotting ard..
    iam jus a slacker now.. OOPS… hehehe :P

    Take care gal :D

    • joyholic Says:

      hor hor!! but i think ur busy with ur sis’s wedding tts why more slack ba? don’t worry, if all else fails, come back here n take honours! u can sleep with me! *winks winks*

      and and and when hv more guys and less girls, they will teng ur more so isn’t tt good? :)

  4. xue Says:

    true true i can slp wif u.. hmm but let me strike toto or 4D then i go back and take hons! hehehe
    hmm i dun thk they teng us though OOPS ahhahaha

    • joyholic Says:

      hahaha.. then i wish tt u win enough so u can bring sw along with u. hehe! :P aiyah, i win the 80 million lotto, i sponsor the whole gang lah! :D and who dont teng you?! *joy joy box their ears*

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