Vote Lee Yu Ting! :D

August 23, 2009

Goodness gracious me!! I expect things to change back home in this time that I am away but this is HUGE! Teehee~

Introducing, one of my bestest friends….


LEE YU TING aka Raine

The Ting I know loves Pink, Hello Kitty, Twilight and Lin Jun Jie. But most of all, she loves singing – possibly one of our major differences?? So when she told me she joined a professional singing class after years of talking about it, I was like “wow”.

Then she told me she took part in “Don’t forget the lyrics” at Jurong Point! It was on a live stage with 3 storeys of crowd watching! And she won a human-size inflatable microphone. I nearly fainted at how spontaneous, gutsy and confident my darling has become.

As if I haven’t been surprised enough, she is now running to be the face of SIM come 2010!

So if you want to see what more funny antics this girl has up her sleeve, vote her TODAY!

Its easy for all you Facebook gurus! :)

1) First thing first, become a fan.

(Noobnoob Joy didn’t know how to become one. But I FOUND IT!! Haha, on the top right-hand side of the page, along the lines of “Casting Call 2010”.)

2) Vote Raine Lee by “liking” her!!!!! (I simply adore her, so I know you will too!)


(Expectedly, I also don’t know how to “like” somebody… -_- but I found the ‘like’ hyperlink after scrolling down, above the comments of other people who “like” her too!)

That’s it! Easy Peasey!

Even if you don’t know her, what will you lose by helping a girl’s dream come true? *collect good karma* :P



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