Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

August 25, 2009

I am feeling mad lazy! Its like sleepsleepsleep and read 2 slides then hand wanders to the phone and yakyakyak and read 2 more slides and googled gossips of Michael Jackson’s death and read 2 more slides then the new roller coaster game I discovered on Facebook (YES!!! I DON’T EVEN FREQUENT FACEBOOK!!!) and read 2 more slides and here I am now, will read 2 more slides after this 10 minutes.

Crap, I don’t even make sense to myself! -_-

I am eagerly awaiting the end of papers and the start of the September vacation! Moreton Bay to feed dolphins or Gold Coast for all the worlds! Love love theme parks and cotton candy… But 4-wheel drives out to nature sounds uber cool lah! Damn!

Please vote and tell me what would YOU choose? Heeee!


4 Responses to “Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.”

  1. xue Says:

    Moreton bay! i nv been there though.. only been to fraser and stradbroke island.. They were great! heard Moreton was gd too jus nv had a chance to go there..

    • joyholic Says:

      fraser is the shipwreck one right?? i think tt is the most famous.. what’s there at stradbroke? i wanna go ALL! heheheh! tt time u went is daytrip or go on ur own?

  2. xue Says:

    sorry for the late replies, I went on 3 day trips for both fraser and stradbroke.
    Yup fraser is the one with shipwreck, lake mackenize( forgotten the spelling) but its a v beautiful lake! :D. And the island also have a natural slide( kind of a river but can slide), v interesting :) Fraser is a muz go island!!! but require 4 wheel truck.. no other form of transport..

    For Stradbroke, its a island for diving, snooking and water activities. Might see turtles, sharks, dolphins and whales! all depends on season too :0
    can also patch tent and sunbath in clean and deserted beach.. wooohoo~~ can go there by taking train and ferry..

    • joyholic Says:

      day trips means professional tour? not go urself with friends ah?? then like that how much? must sleep tent anot? ME DONT LIKE TENT!!!! hahahahha…..

      sigh in the end the neighbours cancelled the moreton bay trip bcoz they wanna drive to sydney instead. *wahhhhh* u come back lah then we go tour. keke!

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