August 26, 2009


Managed to weasel my way into an earlier flight home-sweet-home. Heh heh!

SQ 236
23rd November 2009
Arriving Singapore time 8.30 pm

Man, I  am so hyped up now… Can’t wait to start shopping for souvenirs!


8 Responses to “Home-sweet-home”

  1. xue Says:

    YEAH YEAH! Come back for ur birthday! :D your exam dates is out already? i had a weird dream that iam back in 285hawken and stayed there for 2 days.. rather lame.. ahhahaha muz b too free..

    • joyholic Says:

      my dear, i will be back in NOVEMBER leh.. haha! u blur le lah.. yest we went to coles so walked past ur house. it doesnt seem as “homely” now tt ur not living there anymore. AND POSSUMS RUMMAGED THROUGH OUR TRASHBAGS!!! they left a huge mess in the garden and alotalotalot of ants. *yuck* :(

      • xue Says:

        Oh ya i was telling sw the other day then i realised that ur bday is in oct and you r back in nov.. iam getting stupid! hahaha
        i heard about some stuff in my old hse but they are alright now.. i guess every1 needs time to get used to hsemates.
        ya possums are such a pest at times and be careful they can bite!

      • joyholic Says:

        haha its okay lah, i got party before i left. yay yay yay! :) some stuff in ur old house as in the new housemates n old housemates dont click? hmmm, i think if dont click will v xinku coz dont feel like going hm one lor. :( possum bite still okay i scared they spread disease or pee all over the place. LOL! oh ya, how is job hunting???

  2. mz Says:

    Hey gal, waiting for you to be back home! See ya! :)

  3. ting Says:

    WELCOME BACK!!! And do get me a very chio gift kays!!! LOLS.Looking forward to catching u online the next time, so I can also monitor whether u have changed~ Hahas. And and! Keep the blog posts coming, no matter how short!!! Missing you~ (=

    • joyholic Says:

      eeyerrr! want me or want my gift? HAHAHA! :) andddd, i didn’t change lah, don’t worry. lalalala~ but now exam wk so i really shldn’t be online. sighsss…

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