My Little Brother

August 30, 2009

On a bad day, only my childish, thick-skinned, egoistical, pain-in-the-butt little brother can make me laugh. Haha… I keep forgetting how immature he is. LOL!

Using Mama’s MSN again,

Mummy Liana ((: says:
Mom suddenly go IT siao leh haha.
JOY ♥ says:
what did she buy again?
Mummy Liana ((: says:
She bought, 16.4inch sony laptop, some diskdrive, new keyboard and mouse, and HSBC gave her mini laptop.
JOY ♥ says:
bahhh, i save money here and she is spending?!
Mummy Liana ((: says:
She use your saved money pamper herself loh, so simple.
Mummy Liana ((: says:
I’m using the keyboard and mouse now, diskdrive infront, hsbc laptop at left side, sony at extreme left side.
Mummy Liana ((: says:

Little brothers exist to irritate big sisters don’t they? Hahaha… *cuddles the smelly boy*


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