of potlucks and parties!

August 30, 2009

Hahahaha, one paper down today, three more to go. :)


My survival kit! Hehhh!

Waking up for a 9am paper today was a chore. I suppose this is one of the bad things of having a purely afternoon timetable – I don’t wake up till, well, the afternoon. Lol! But managed to get up thanks to Huiping’s timely SMS and Aunty Shirley’s phonecall.

Yups, coffee meet-up with a friend of the mother. Pretty cool hur?

Sorta rushed around abit today but was happy happy. :)

First up, Yee Voon’s “HOT” house-refreshing party at Campus Lodge which we were late for. Nice nice curry and tom yam soup. :D


Hostess and me! :)


Only worthy shot (because we took forever to make it statisfactory for Kimberley)… CUTEEEEE~

At night, we had a potluck at Taringa Gardens it sure brought back memories where Mama and I lived there and how I would complain about the lack of reception, the very expensive internet and the noisy neighbours. Haha…

Took many funny photos but I don’t have them yet so yups yups!

Next up, Stats. YUCK!


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