To: Ting, Cher, Meng, Yilynn, Bee and Loti

August 30, 2009

I was really intending to sleep after a very nice breakfast. :) but I got disturbed by Ting’s blog and had to contact the dearie..

Life hasn’t been good for my girls back home. True we have our differences, some good, some bad. I like those frank conversations where we trash out what pisses us and ultimately adjust our steps to meet halfway. Or maybe sometimes I need you to make concessions for me which may seem unfair but because of the years we have gone through, who really bothers to keep count?

Needless to say, we are all growing, changing, some flying (I flew literally) but physical presence isn’t all that matters at the end of the day. Who I think of when I am in deep shit definitely counts for more than the people I play and laugh with. Who I go home to at the end of the day and who would be waiting. I know.

Although I am a huge fan of confrontations and ironing out unhappinness. I realise that somethings are best left unsaid. But that doesn’t mean it bottles inside of me. Simply, forgive and forget. Easier said then done? But words once uttered cannot be taken back. Hurt once inflicted, stays. Which is easier then?

No one is alone in this world especially neither of us. Busy as we may be, with goals, aims and new priorities, we would drop everything in a heartbeat when the going gets tough. Best friends do that and they don’t need promises to bind them to each other.

All the flaws, the quirks, the little nasty bits of ourselves that define us makes this friendship so colourful so don’t come and give me predictions of how anyone thinks we would shape out because when we care this much about each other, we will not walk down that route. Ever.

forever friends

We really need to take a group photo!!! I can’t find anyyyy… LOL!

So chill peeps before I fly back and give you guys a hard shake! Haha. :) am missing everyone sooo much… Steamboat when I get back alright? Lovessss~


4 Responses to “To: Ting, Cher, Meng, Yilynn, Bee and Loti”

  1. mz Says:

    Joy… thanks! You’ve written what I wanted to express to them.

    Love you! :)

  2. loti Says:

    very well said. even though u are nt near us, but seein these, i dun tink distance will pose a prob here =).

    • joyholic Says:

      absence makes the heart grow fonder.. :) annnnd, sept is a happy mth for u girls so its time to throw all the anger away, let ur hair down and partyyyyyy!

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