Exam shopping…

September 1, 2009

Its been so so long since I last hit shops other than the supermarket… That is the flaw about staying close to school yeah? I don’t even get to WALK PAST shopfronts and see my favourite word, sales! Boohoohoo~

Plus with the upcoming papers, it will be a good two weeks before I can indulge in some little retail therapy. :( so just the other night, I did some online shopping to relief a teeny bit of pressure. Haha! Got some stuff for my sisters which should arrive in Singapore over the next week and some clothes for myself which I hope Aussie’s postal service don’t disappoint.

Should really get back to my Nonparametric Testing and because Hanhui is staying over tonight for some early morning mugging tmr, I sure hope I can get my act together. Hopefully the next time I blog I will be able to get some photos up.

Till some time soon, tata~


when all my dreams are made up of you,
i wonder if its love or just a habit.
either way, if you think its time,
i understand.


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