2 down, 2 more to go!

September 6, 2009

Today I finished my “weakest link”…. Statistics. *dance around with joy* although I didn’t finish the paper and the chances of ‘scoring’ probably isn’t going to happen, I think can pass. :) at least all the midnight oil is not wasted and I am now at the halfway mark to completing my first major exam here at UQ.

Celebrated by going down to the city, the first time in this month if I am not mistaken. Bought some clothes (HURRAY!!!) went crazy and wasted $10 in the kiap kiap machine shop at Elizabeth’s Arcade. Korean dinner (yummy kimchi soup) and watching of District 9 at South Bank later at night.

Very happy day! :)

UPDATE: Was just browsing through some blogs and Facebook… My cousin has just joined the hordes of people with Facebook accounts! He still seems so “little boy” to me when he is already Sec 4?! Haha! Seeing what the siblings have been up too back home makes me nostalgic too… Trix sweetie, I wish you were here too. Miss you guys so so much! :)


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