Photohunt! (:

September 11, 2009

Very very outdated photos of my life here in Brisbane. :)


Bought a cute cute UQ graduation bear forrrrrrrr………………


Xueqin dearie! :)


Her graduation was a long time ago when the latest Harry Potter movie just released in the theaters. So in the Harry Potter looking school, all the graduates looked so like in Hogwarts. HAHAHAHAHA!


Took picture with a Korean Lady in a hanbok!


Being funny in the one hour she had for photographs before she had to return the robes… I can’t wait for my turn!!


And before we could turn our house into a home, we had to pick up some tables and shelves.


Michael didn’t just stop at helping us with the tables, he too brought us up to watch sunset!


Miss miss local dishes so we frequently visited this Singapore eatery in our first few weeks.


Malaysian food too with Malaysians! :P


But in case my mother is spying here, we DO grocery shop and we DO cook most of the time!

Oh wells, tomorrow is the last paper and we are going to celebrate with fireworks, movie night and girls-only clubbing… *excited* should get back to my accounts now. Sigh, having very bad skin outbreak! I should find some facial palour here.. Mega sian!


2 Responses to “Photohunt! (:”

  1. xue Says:

    O man My graduation! such a nice day to look forward to!!! yeah yeah!!! u also can count down to graduation! hahaha

    • joyholic Says:

      ya! paiseh took so long to upload… you want the raw photos ma? as in individual shots? hahahaha… i haven even finish 1 sem, my grad wont so soon ba. LOL!

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