What is love?

September 11, 2009

I chose the wrong day to try to be strong.
I chose the wrong day to break out of the cycle.
I chose the wrong day to overestimate myself.

Now I am crying like shit. Regretting my actions but yet not so.

happy girl

happy girl

Only you can make me feel so happy.
Make me do something stupid and laugh at myself.
Only you can make me so lightheaded.
To do something silly and get caught on tape.
Only you can make me feel like myself.
Without make-up or pretty dresses.

Only you can hurt me this way.
And get away with it.
Because I loved you, like I loved no other.


9 Responses to “What is love?”

  1. ting Says:

    Spilled milk is worthless while tomorrow’s possibilities is priceless, my dear. Check your mail aye? Love ya. (=

  2. xue Says:

    dear wat is done cannot b undone.. and if he is urs, he wi be back.. sometimes things work in a strange way which we humans also cannot explain..
    but i think u made a gd choice to travel all e way to aust to study.. cos this makes u sort out things like i did last time..iam sure at the end of ur 1.5 yrs of studies, u wi get an answer..
    iam working at IT fair these days, really miss you guys, esp the part when u ask to have our meals.. hahaha.. pple move and change but memories stays..
    miss ya gal and Take Care k:)

    • joyholic Says:

      sigh… u believe when ur luck is down, everything works against you? been feeling so sucky recently so mayb its not really me thinking through but just a moment of emo? dont know lah, dont know.

      u working at the fair too? haha.. so cool lah. with sengwang also?

  3. mz Says:

    love u… :) smile.

  4. xue Says:

    Dear check ur mail :)

  5. joyholic Says:

    thank you all… it was an emotional week for me but i will be okay. :) mayb the period is coming? hoho! love you all much much… miss sg so uber alot now lah. countdown to home-sweet-home!


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