Life in Australia

September 15, 2009

Hmm, the results for 2 papers have been released… I am like averaging a B at the moment which is pretty below what I expected because “hey, the angmos DO STUDY!” haha.. I think I kind of got into the whole “there they are, still playing frisbee on the grass” mentality.

Although the grades are still pretty much above average but I really need to tone down and hit the books. The next paper is a whooping 60% weightage. I suddenly realised how much I miss projects… :(

Life here has been a hell lot of new experiences.

First are those street festivals I love so much (think pasar malam in the day!) then seeing students sleep on the corridors, in the middle of the field, etc, I sure am surprised I haven’t yet seen anyone fly a kite in the school. I mean, everyone seems to do things so freely and yet, they queue up, don’t litter and pay full fares on trains when there isn’t even any form of authority to check! Its like there is law and order but they still managed to be themselves.

Then there is the weather which doesn’t rain much and the first time it did, it rained ICE. Kuku Singaporean me was like photographing the floor when people ran for shelter. :P

its raining ice!

Hmm, not really obvious but the white spots were tiny ice pieces that Cheeleng and Alvin thought was falling bits of tree! Hahaha, me is clever! ^^

Just the other day when we were studying for the last paper, the whole St Lucia blacked-out! Its was scary… During the 7th month, no less! And on Wednesday, the teachers are going on STRIKE for some human right issues so yeah, no school.

Tell me lah, cool anot? Its moments like these that makes me feel blessed I am here but on other moments when there are parties I am missing or good food, I want to take the earliest flight back home. Darn, life really is greener on the other side hur?


2 Responses to “Life in Australia”

  1. Trixie Says:

    jie, you seem to have lost weight! :D heh i miss you. jia you for your upcoming exam. school has been crazy for me lately too. So much work to rush. World war 3 is gonna break out next week, hope i make it out alive!

    • joyholic Says:

      haha.. those pics were a long time ago.. i hv gained so much ppl keep commenting i look round. we shld webcam someday, u will see then. :P and i didn’t bring ur last yr bday present with me coz i forgot – probably bcoz it was with u anyway!!!!!! but i will bring it this dec so put it back where it belongs hur! haha!

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