House parties, dust storms and my life here in Aussie land.

September 24, 2009

Hmm, I realised I haven’t posted any photos of my house and room here in Brisbane… Shall get around to that tomorrow or something. Today was a painful day… I immediately regretted having Michael’s homemade chendol last night. :(

In the derivatives lecture, I felt like my back was about to break into two! Could hardly pay attention… Sigh, men have it so lucky don’t they? Anyway, decided to try tampons (cheaper here than in S’pore), all I can say is OUCH! Haha.. Okay, shall spare the detailssss…

Photos of parties!


My housewarming some weeks ago. We cooked everything from scratch and impressed people because we keep sending off “we-can’t-cook-for-nuts” vibes. HOHO~


The night dragged pretty late and the mess took days to clear. But it was a success nonetheless. :)


Our neighbours in the next block also had a housewarming party!


Loads of drinking here…. And heaps of pizza too!


When each person brings a dish to a gathering, it just means more food for everyone! :)


Love love cam-whoring!

(Photo credits: google!!!)

Once a year fireworks extravagenza!!! A solid 30 minutes of non-stop fireworks lighting up the night sky and even sprouting from the office buildings along the Brisbane river!

Watch snippets of Riverfest 2009! This is where the fighter planes fly really close to the bridge and making it catch fire just before the fireworks start sprouting! :D


There was a massive crowd to clear afterward and even though all public transport from the city and Southbank areas were declared free for the night, it still took hours for the crowd to disperse and for us to head home.

And more recently, Australia was hit by a dust storm which news stations likened the orange sky to “a scene from MARS”… So exciting! It affected Sydney first before flying down to Brissy for about a day…

Funny clip HEREEEEEEEEE!!! from Alvin’s classmates… As I didn’t have morning class, I didn’t exactly witness swirling clouds of orange air but the feeling even indoors was slightly choking. :(

More photos HEREEEEE of the day I walked on “MARS”… Teehee~


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