the Brain vs the Heart

September 28, 2009

Arghhh, what have I done again???????
Damn those urges.

I thought it would be easier with such great geographical distance.
I could give you the space you wanted.
And you would miss me enough to take the initiative.
But I was wrong.

I am sorry if I could have been more understanding, more giving.
But can’t you see I am trying?
To keep my insecurity in check.
Or to mask the hurt I feel at your off-the-cuff replies.
And just sometimes, couldn’t you try too?

Go out of the way to do something because you know just a little bit,
will mean the world to me.


4 Responses to “the Brain vs the Heart”

  1. loti Says:

    i totally understand… wad a little bit will mean…

  2. Quirkz^ Says:

    When you have alittle bit, you might want more. We are naturally greedy in life, never contented, not easily satisfied. If you have decided to let go, Let it go. What’s Yours will eventually comes back to you. Keep your options open, well you’ll never know who may enter your life when you least most expects it. Surprises… This is Life.

    • joyholic Says:

      haha.. i wish i was a little braver. a little stronger. and a little more disciplined. :(

      but yeah, a surprise would be nice. :) when will u be going back to sg?

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