September Birthdays!

October 2, 2009

In the previous fireworks entry, I happily “stole” photos from other people’s cameras and I forgot to include some of my own… Food of course! :)


First, the standard photo with the event signboard. Typical. :P


And my very very very expensive plate of Nasi Lemak. $25 at Satay Hut, one of those “act posh” restaurants along South Bank. Super not worth the money. I can get 10 plates of nicer Nasi Lemak at Changi Village for that price!!! :(


Random cute photo…. Looking for sugar rush??

Been feeling quite down lately as I see the parties the girls back home are busy with… Its a hectic year with us, dragon babies turning the holy age of 21 and all eager to announce “I am a grown up now” with a smashing birthday bash.

All the action, all the laughter, all the photographs that I am missing out on is really starting to make me feel left behind. :(

Snail mail have not been a habit of mine until I discovered a range of glittery, pretty fairy cards which I bought heaps of (there were so many designs and I couldn’t decide!!) so my September babies got airmails. And I got presents waiting for you dearies too! :)


Loti’s ice-cream chalet and Huiyan’s pyjames party…


Darling Jia Jin tagged me on Huiyan’s oh-so-cute cake… You sure made my day babe. :D


I won a “sister” prize at my favourite girl’s party too! Thanks dearssss for remembering me in your own unique ways. Love love!

Sigh, its October now. If I was back home, I would be planning my own party of sorts. True, I did celebrate wayyy early as part of my own farewell ceremony. But I suppose planning and really making a wish and blowing out the candles on a key-shaped cake on my actual day will feel different somehow.

In a way all the photos I brought plus cards will alleviate some of the loneliness this month but after my birthday, the countdown towards homecoming will seem to come so much more quicker. So in a way I am still looking forward I guess?

HAPPY 21ST ALL THE SEPTEMBER GIRLS!!!!! May your adulthood be filled with as much love and adventure as your teenage years have brought you. Keep shinning!


2 Responses to “September Birthdays!”

  1. Xue Says:

    Dear don’t feel left out.. cos they will open their arms to welcome you when ya back! and you really learn to appreciate your loved ones right? hahaha :D

  2. joyholic Says:

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder.. how true….

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