Spring is coming!!!

October 5, 2009

Though without little children running around with noisy lanterns, air polluting sparklers and my favourite durian mooncake, I did try to celebrate the occassion with expensive (plasticine tasting) snow-skin mooncakes and lipton tea. :)


We even bought the colourful piggy baskets which Cheeleng and I each took a bite off and chucked the rest to Alvin. Yucky yucks yucks! :(


The next night, Michael specially drove down to pick us up and then turned chef-of-the-day by cooking such a spread! There was nicenicenice mooncakes too! I love salted egg yolks! :D

After hearing so much from Xueqin and at Huiping’s urging, Cheeleng and I went down to UQ lake to see baby ducks during our break today!


They were sooooooo cuteeeee can?! We kept following them till Papa duck got worried and nearly bit Cheeleng. Hahaha!


Winter is now officially OVER! :D trees are bursting into pretty purple blooms!!!

Unfortunately, when they ALL turn purple, it signals the start of our finals. Damn!


2 Responses to “Spring is coming!!!”

  1. Xue Says:

    hahaha baby ducklings and purple leaves.. i love that season.. its a warm and comfortable feeling.. but i guess it will be getting hotter soon?
    before the exams comes, plan to go places first? :D

    • joyholic Says:

      Ya, its getting warmer but the nights are still chilly. :(

      Will probably go down to the the worlds again because we bought the annual pass. Perhaps wet and wild? So can see surfer dudes! WAHAHAHA!

      And u shld be telling me to study and not plan holidays. tsktsktsk! :P

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