Hong Kong or Singapore?

October 12, 2009


Tom Yum Soup + Fresh Milk = Stomachache!!!


Just as I got my heart set on staying in Singapore over the summer holidays, people around me just have to tempt me with short little trips. Not just any other short trip. HONGKONG! With Disneyland and tons of nice things to eat.

Then again, I suppose Singapore in the monsoon season is a pretty draggy place to be in? Hong Kong or even Taipei on the other hand would be a nice chilly, with alot of clothes suitable for Aussie climate. Ahhh shucks!

I just need someone to accompany me??


4 Responses to “Hong Kong or Singapore?”

  1. loti Says:

    u noe i want to go hong kong, if u can wait. count mi in. i don’t wan go with cher be light bulb leh

    • joyholic Says:

      haha.. i will will wait since i missed the jetstar one for one promo le… unless new yr or xmas time got new promo to tempt me if not i mayb end nxt yr then go..

  2. xue Says:

    gal you feeling better now?
    the tom yum soup is too spicy that you drink fresh milk?
    I want to join you too!! i haven’t been to Hong Kong Disney land :D

    • joyholic Says:

      hahahaha.. no dear. greedy me wanted to drink “cookie and cream” flavoured milk and i didn’t wanna wait till the tom yam digest before drinking. hahaha! so huo gai right. :P

      and disneyyyyyland! HOORAY! :D

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