The failed study plan.

October 15, 2009

Last night I was feeling very lazy but sleeping was like such a guilt trip, so I took the time to draw up a study plan. Colour coded and very detailed. :) I was very proud of it up till this evening when the time came to actually implement the plan.

Its now 6 hours since I sat down at my desk…. and I did not follow the plan. It stopped somewhere after the first 7 pages of Derivatives. I should be spanked!

Again, emotions went into overdrive with a phone call. I need to grow up. Seriously.

1 month and 6 days to home-sweet-home, sushi buffet and mad shopping!! Provided I pass everything and do not need to take Summer School. What?! The possibility is 50:50, no?

I will be more disciplined tomorrow. Hopefully.


2 Responses to “The failed study plan.”

  1. xue Says:

    Girl, maybe you can start with stocking up your room with food.. next,stay in your room unless there’s a need to get out.. since you had a toilet by urself..
    you can also try to read ur notes 1st and get urself interested.. aw, when is finals starting for you?

  2. joyholic Says:

    yalor.. nxt wk onwards we shld be not cooking le. but my room hv bed and computer. the greatest distractions.. sigh!

    finals start on the 9th of nov till 17th of nov. then its HOLIDAY! tts the part i am looking forward to. haha!

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