You don’t search for happiness. It finds you.

October 21, 2009

Its 3am now. I realise I am sleeping later and later, and its not because I am a hardworking student. Been so in a holiday mood since a long long time ago. Anyway, I should attempt to not switch on the computer after school anymore. Its a huge distraction.

Spent the day with Geri today. Its nice to get away from the housemates for awhile. Not that they are poor company of course! Its just nice to talk to other people and not be too dependent on one single person or the same group of people. Lesser conflicts this way too. :)


We had Japanese food at Kadoya! Inside Elizabeth Arcade. YUMYUM!

I loved her girly dress today..


After lunch, we got ice mocha with chocolate ice-cream at La Dolce Vita in the middle of Queens Street. Girly talk till we lost track of time and then some light shopping before coming home.


Finally some more unique fruits in our house. Its the tropical fruit season!!!! Cheap cheap peaches and oh-so-sweet mangoes! :)

Just now got quite down because I had a moodswing. I am so so sorry.. You mean alot to me really and I don’t know what to do sometimes when I don’t know where is considered “overstepping the line”. Maybe someday I will be less demanding. Or someday you will be more forthcoming. For that someday, I will keep looking forward. Because you are my bucket full of sunshine.

Anddddddddddddd, Cheeleng honey brightened my day once again. We are going for yet another 3D2N trip to Gold Coast before going home in November. This time, its shopping madness and Seaworld – for Alvin’s birthday. And and and, we will be staying in a 4.5 star HOTEL because we found a 50% off deal! Woots~

When you love someone, you will be able to live without that person. But you just wouldn’t want to.


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