October 24, 2009

Yesterday, I was angsty and very upset at some stuff. Probably together with the flood of crimson red (that was overdue by 3 whole freaking weeks), the wrath of Joy was unleashed at one shot. Haha..

Anyway, I deleted the bad bad post not because I am not boiling mad anymore but it was harsh and to collect good karma, one must forgive and forget. Lol.

And silly Cheeleng together with Jean, Hanhui, Huiping, Alvin and Elaine surprised me last night by going shopping in the city without me, coming back, knocking my room door only to be told to go away because of the tantrum I was throwing. Oops.

But I love the long dress dress and Cheeleng can bear witness, I wore it and pranced around the house (tripping over my own feet) till 3am this morning. And the baby pink purse is so pwetttyyyy! :P

Shall go nap a little because the Red Rooster lunch is feeling so nice in my tummy now. Heh heh!



  1. xue Says:

    gal what happened?

  2. joyholic Says:

    i know what you are thinking! hahaha! its not the usual emo this time. a friend’s gf said something to make me upset but i think maybe its me too sensitive and she not deliberate ba. coz aft tt we got talk. :)

    i am coming home soooooon! :D

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