I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.

October 26, 2009

Today is the last day to get away with being a kid. My last day.

At midnight, when Cinderella should come home, my wilful take on life and childish dreams will fly away like butterflies leaving me magically, an adult. *viola* :)


Seriously, age is just a number. You are only as old as you think you are (or as old as some stupid facebook quiz predicts you to be). So to my mommy dear who thinks people stop counting down to their birthdays after turning 21, I am still going to look forward to every candle-blowing and cake-eating day to come. :D

Oh ya, back to the purpose of this entry!

10am Monday classes are always a chore to attend. Dragged myself up and saw a lovely sms waiting on my phone. Though the silly dumpling got misled by the calendar days and wished me wrongly, I smiled myself to school. Upon reaching class, the door locked me out!!!

Very very hot, flustered and really late, I went home. Saw the postman on my way back in and he was looking for Unit 41 (my unit) so I took the package from him. All the anger evaporated instantly.


I got a surprise birthday parcel just in time from Cher, Loti and Meng Meng!!!!!!!

Handmade cards and a very cute present wrapped with so so so much tape made me feel v v v special. What would I do without you girls?!

Ting also smsed me today but when I replied she said I took a long time. So I suppose her message lagged somewhere between Singapura and Aussie land before coming through? But 迟到好过没到. :)

Last Thursday, we had an early celebration at the Treasury Casino but the photos are with Hanhui. Then on Friday, the girls met again and they lied to me!!!! Boohoo~

They went shopping and Cheeleng called me to meet for dinner. Was reluctant and a teensy bit upset because she only remembered me when her friend left. Little did I know they intended to well, surprise me. Then towards midnight she came home and knocked on my door. Sulky me didn’t open it. Oops, my bad. :(

Awhile later, I felt bad so I went to look for her and I saw Huiping!!! Andddd a bright pink boxy on her bed. Instantly happy again… :D


See unglam me greedily unwrapping present! Had to censor my face as I tried the dress because I look super toot. Argh!

Cheeleng: Open slowly… Later it spring out will scare you one.

Made me so worried lah… Turn out to be nothing “scary”. Bah! But I so heart the maxidress! Been wanting one for the longest time. :) THANK YOU CHEECHEE, JEAN, HANHUI, HUIPING, ALVIN AND ELAINE!

So far, my first birthday abroad has been nothing short of fabulous (despite the nightmarish exams). Can’t wait for Edamame dinner at Hawken tomorrow. Hope the downpour today means clear skies tomorrow. Love you all!


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