The rainbow after the rain…

October 27, 2009

Happy is only happy until contrasted with a tinge of sadness then you truely realise how fortunate you are.

Today I went to get myself a cake and I met Joe. The conversation went like this.

Joe: JOYYY! What are you doing here?
Me: Buying some stuff…
Joe: Oooh cake. Whose birthday?
Me: Mine.
Joe: Walao, birthday buy own cake you can get any sadder anot?!
Me: *glowers at him*
Joe: Oh ya, before I forget, happy birthday.

Immediately after, I felt so super down I wanted to go home. But the housemates planned dinner out, plus they planned Japanese so I was more motivated to go ahead. And then without warning, BAM BAM BAM,

surprise after surprise.

Cheeleng, Hanhui, Jean, Huiping, Alvin, Elaine, Yee Voon, Kristy, Jenny, Michael, Yong Quan, GT, Jensen, Kimberley, Rose.

Thank you.

This year my special day will drag for 26hrs because of the SG-Aussie time differences. Muahaha…




2 Responses to “The rainbow after the rain…”

  1. serene Says:

    happy birthday dearie :)

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