Last dinner, I thought of someone.

November 1, 2009

Just finished our last dinner. Yups, today will be the last time this semester, Unit 41 bicker over which groceries to buy, how to cook this, who to wash that. Haha.. We sure have come a loooong way!

From the very adventurous Pad Thai (with tao gei that Alvin didn’t pluck), curry chicken (that burnt the pot), baked dory with lemon (random dish that turned out not so bad) and many other dishes straight out from the recipie book Zest gave Cheeleng….. To cabbage, wong bok, cabbage, wong bok, soya sauce, oyster sauce, soya sauce, oyster sauce. :(

With finals looming near and alot of going-out planned after, there isn’t time anymore. Hopefully when we all go home this summer, we will pick up some decent culinary skills for next semester. :P

Anyway, to a very special friend of mine who is really stressed out right now………….

“The struggles I’m facing
The chances I’m taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I’m not breaking”

Corporate Finance is just another mountain you will have to move. However hard this battle seems to be and when you think none of us know what you are going through, grit your teeth and perservere. We are waiting just on the other side.

Love ya babe, hang in there!!!! *hugs*


Tomorrow my favourite ahbinggege starts his new job. :) and new phase of life. One, I hope is full of promise and potential. Be it promotions and recognition, I know you will earn them all. Jiayou!!!!


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