My attention span is the size of an ant,

November 4, 2009

and I think I have the memory of a goldfish.

Every 1 more page I read, I go back 2 pages to understand.

Very, very slow progress. :(

Shall take a short 10 minute break to settle the flight stuff (we decided not to tour Melbourne and spend more time in Singapore instead.) While waiting for mama to call (because I am too lazy to settle it myself) here are some photos!

Last night, I knew enough was enough. I have eaten more instant noodles over this past week then I usually eat in a year back home! So I cooked pumpkin porridge! It turned out really sweet and the pumpkin turned gooey just the way I like it. So gooood…. :)

But that is not the point!


Was quite disappointed that I broke the egg yolk…


But on closer look, its a 双胞胎!!!!! Saw this on Huiyan’s blog before but I didn’t think I would ever see it myself. Hehehe! I got so excited I carried the ladle with the precious two yolks to Cheeleng’s room. With one glance she said,

“怪胎, better don’t eat.” Wahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! :'(


Hahaha.. This is so stupid. But I have been like bleeding so easily this few days. Am I dying??????? :(

Blow nose, tissue have blood. Paper cut, bleed. Usually poke by fork (not always lahhhh!) will bruise but today, the blood couldn’t stop oozing. Boohoo…. :( :(


When you want a treat and can’t decide between a toy and something sweet, choose no more!!! I found dear old Kinder Surprise (Singapore has been trying to cheat me with the Kinder Joy crap). I think the old-school version is always the best. Yum~

Well, i think I over-stretched the 10 minutes. :P feeling very happy now because the Woolsworth delivery guy just came with alot of juices I bought online (I think I just found the lazy way out of grocery shopping). Sugar rush here I come. :D


5 Responses to “My attention span is the size of an ant,”

  1. xue Says:

    hmm mayb u lack nutritious food ? aiyo y so blur get urself injure so much.. muz be careful..
    u can prepare 2 meals each day for exam.. then u guys can each make dinner and lunch for 2 times per week? ahhaha jus a suggestion..

    but anyway dun worry i can help wif simple food cooking recipes when u guys are back.. but wif charges k.. hahaha

    and gal so sorry.. i was busy wif my cousin’s wedding that i only rem ur bday on 28th! then i was too pai seh to admit so didn’t say.. OOPS Sorry gal!!!

  2. xue Says:

    since iam so late i will treat u a decent meal when ya back k.. promise!!
    iam so so sorry :(

    • joyholic Says:

      haha.. ya maybe not nutritious enough but i bought 1kg of apples!!! that is good right? yay, cooking class.. lets hv a potluck picnic when we come back. ^^

      ur cousin’s wedding? not ur sister’s one? or both ahhhh!! aiyo, soon ur mama will nag u to marry sw le. hehe! :P

  3. trixieee Says:

    are youuu okayyy?? (: you bleeding blood, im bleeding money hehe

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