Accounts and I am done :)

November 10, 2009

I am halfway through! Just finished my two back-to-back papers which happened to be my hardest hurdles too. :( calculations were never my strong point. *wonders why I am in finance*


The past few days have been pretty much study bootcamp. Didn’t get more than a couple of hours of shuteye and last night was the frosting on the cake. NO SLEEP! I guess, this is the typical Singaporean method of mugging. Grades = Hours spent. 0.0

Oh oh oh, see the top part of the picture? That is the awesome calendar Twixieeeee darling custom-made just for me! :D

I am like dying now. -_- but I have on a mask which would dry up and leave me wrinkles if I fall asleep so here I am. :)


Had a nice nice lunch with the girls at Hawken’s A Salt and Battery. It was nice but I didn’t know they were THAT famous all the way to New York even. Hmmm… But I like the name. Nice play on the words, “assault and battery”??? Heee.

No photos because we all look like walking zombies with pimple outbreaks and scary spectacles (at least I look like one). >.<


I was kind of stressed outoverwhelmed last night. I don’t like the word stress… So I started doodling in my diary and I only realised I got the countdown year veryveryvery wrong this morning. -_-

I also had a dream. Of Alvin!!!!!!! If that wasn’t weird enough, I dreamt he put ice cream in the washing machine (because he wanted to heat it up) and I got mad because he didn’t take out my clothes before putting the ice cream in. He seems to find it amusing though and I have just contributed to his new MSN nick. Pooey!


This was an old photo from the mid-semester days where Hanhui got so upset one day so Cheeleng and I brought snacks and candy over to cheer her up. We ended up playing tiny UNO till real late. So cute. :)

Ahhhaa, the mask is done. Going the hit the sack now before I tackle my final two accounting papers tonight. 7 more days to a successful (I hope…) first semester of university. 10 days to Gold Coast themeparks (AGAIN!!!). 13 days to “hello Singapore”.

Sweet sweet dreams peeps!


4 Responses to “Accounts and I am done :)”

  1. mz Says:

    Gambate!!! Waiting for ya to be back!

    Jia you – all of us here’s mugging too…

    • joyholic Says:

      hahaha u guys having papers too?? then when i come back ur still having papers or just ended also?

      jia you jia you wor!!!! :D

  2. xue Says:

    Jia you Jia you gal!!!
    iam mugging on my experiments too :(
    but awww, list of things to do when ya back like…. chalet, buffet, bintan, urbin, johor shopping?, and more shopping!!
    looking upon the list feel more energetic to go back and study le ba? hahahaha
    o ya where you actually coming back time, terminal and date? :) :) :)

    • joyholic Says:

      haha.. experiments sounds cooler leh.. :P

      yay! ubin ubin ubin! ^^ no lor, i see the list my heart fly fly back to sg liao lah. sobs! hahaha…

      we coming back 8.30pm SG time and will land in terminal 3 ba. ur wanna come pick ah? dont need lah, so far!!! haha..

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