Putting a fullstop to Semester 1.

December 2, 2009

After loading an inactive page for like 45 minutes, it finally came through..

It looks good at first glance really. Considering how I struggled, it looks really very satisfactory. But after some thought, I am really having mixed feelings. Can’t say its bad. But good? Hardly so.

Financial Reporting went well but I cannot say much for the others. Like Cost Accounting especially. I got a strong A for the 40% mid-semesters so I must have hit quite low for the finals to not have a grade higher than 5. Quant Econ and Business Analysis B (or Advanced Stats) I passed mid-semesters by a pathetic 2 marks. What can I say, I was never a math person. So a credit in this subject should mean I aced the finals. So I am kicking myself now for being so butt-lazy in the first quarter. Derivatives and Risk Management likewise.

Btw, the maximum GPA is 7.

Well, that rounds up my first semester at UQ. Mama sounded really pleased when I called her in Abu Dhabi… At least she will not feel I went there to squander her money. Haha.


4 Responses to “Putting a fullstop to Semester 1.”

  1. Kent Says:

    lol im doing cost accounting now.

  2. Kent Says:

    pretty challenging but quite fun

    • joyholic Says:

      jia you jia you wor!!!! sch days past v fast de… soon we will all be working and then will hv alot of $$$ to spend. :P

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