♥ Made with Love..

December 8, 2009

Oooh, I managed to “cut” my previous entry after so many attempts!!! So the pictures don’t take so long to load and if you are interested in reading what happened all those months ago (ya, time passes fast when you are aging) click on the linkie below the picture in the previous post and it goes right in. Hahaha… Very amazed. *suaku*

On a sidenote, I really need to lose weight. Feeling fat can be blamed on the time of the month but when friends say you have put on kilos, it is getting serious.

So to conquer the lure of good hawker food, I prepared lunch boxes for a lunch date today. :) waking up at 8am to cook was horrid (and not typical Joy Joy behaviour) but the look on his face when I served up my 爱心便当 made everything worthwhile. :)


The cutting was pretty fun and for every 3 shapes I cut, I eat 1. So much for being on diet. Lol. I even put crabsticks in the omelette so its sweeter…


The Finale!!! Cute cute right???


Lucky boy!! When is my turn ah??


Me looking so flabby. :(

But I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill today. That must have counted for something!!!

Immediately after I hopped off the torture device, I turned to the chou chou brother of mine and asked, “am I thinner now??” He smiled and said yes!!! *liar liar pants on fire* He even promised to go running with me every single day till I fly back to Aussie. So nice to me. :) :)


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