Korean BBQ, Ice cream and New Moon Premier

December 10, 2009

This will be a short short picture entry as I need to rush out for duck porridge dinner in an hour’s time and I am still in last night’s pyjames. Gosh, I must have caught the lazy bug from somewhere. :(

Anyway, I need to clear all the photos taken and maybe upload them on Facebook because its so sad I only have one album when others have a gazillion. Also need to clear camera memory before the christmas and new year season hits full swing.

Speaking of christmas and new year hoo-has, I am so broke! At the rate I am pigging out and mad-shopping, my bank balance cannot support my lavish lifestyle till the end of this year. For some obscure reason, the fact that mama-is-not-going-to-give-me-allowance-this-summer has not yet sunk in.

I need a sugar daddy!


Back to the photos of Aussieland where I still had an allowance.


Japanese again because Ho Chee Chee wanted to have what Elaine had during my birthday. How come it looks better when Elaine had it? :(

The next day was farewell for Eeling who is graduating this December!


VIP of the day adores Korean so we had BBQ and kimchi soups!


Yummy!!!! But places like this need to be tried with alot of people as the food veers towards the expensive. So with more people, the bill will be divided by more people. Wahahaha!


Love love love! ^^


Walking around the city and “relieving exam stress” is fun with the right friends. :)


Took the CityCat down to Southbank after for ice-cream at the newly opened (with hot waiters) Movenpick!


Actually we ate this to idle time away (so tai-tai life hor?) while waiting for the movie of the year to start!!!! Caught the latest franchise of the Twilight saga on preview day!!!

I didn’t know Singapore only released it on the 3rd of December. So when I smsed Ting to say I am watching it on the 19th of November, her response was so funny.

As usual, the cinema was free-sitting so we had to queue up an hour before to ensure prime seats. The queue got real long after we sat down so phew! Watching with the Aussies had much audience participation with girls screaming, sighing, whatevernots and guys groaning when Edward made his first appearance.

The highlight came when Bella kept avoiding Jacob’s (oh-so-sizzling-hot) kisses, one in the audience actually stood up and exclaimed to the Jacob-on-screen, “kiss me instead!”. It was mega dramatic and the whole theater burst out laughing.

Okie dokie, time to get dressed and go out and spend more of my ever-depleting bank account. Thank goodness its just foodcourt food. Sobs.


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