Bored to death

December 15, 2009

Should be really happy of late but at the back of my mind, there is always this nagging doubt that when things are too good to be true, it most probably is.

Been busy with meet-ups so much that when I finally decided to stay at home (albeit cancelling dinner plans on the pretext of no money – which is quite true really) I was literally bored out of my own skin! Finished a book and baked a cake even.

Okay, I baked the cake because I didn’t know how to on the TV (my house TV is complex okay!!!) and I wasn’t in a running mood. The cake turned out good though… Will be baking it for christmas when the cousins come over! And maybe for the SPSE gang tomorrow night so Thiam Hee can’t question my domestic ability! Lol.

Just finished editing the photos of my last days in Australia please bear with me.



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