Avatar was awesome!!!

December 18, 2009


Today was an eventful day. It started with Japanese buffet with my Aussie pals… So used to seeing them every single day, some of whom 24/7 even. But since I returned, nadda! So it was fun just catching up and recalling each other’s little whims.

I love the Japanese buffet at the Singapore Flyer but I think its fate that there are no pictures. The first time I went with mama, I forgot the camera. Today, I brought the camera without the memory card. So smart Joy.

But it was nice to just relax, eat and chat. The conversation was so fluid we had to proceed to Starbucks at Millenia Walk to continue our ramblings. I just love these people!!! :)

In the evening, I caught awesome AVATAR!!!! First time I saw the audience applause at the show credits! Jack Neo shows are an exception because the thick-skin subtitles tell you to clap and that doesn’t count.

Been quite a movie buff recently although my reviews are like waaay lacking from Khang Jing’s and totally not subjective. Bleahx! Sherlock Holmes on Monday! Won tickets to the premier… Yippee yay yay! ^^


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