Blinged Nails

December 27, 2009

Recently, I have a mad obsession with “beautifying” my nails.. Its a long horrid process because my left hand never seems to be able to do a decent job for the right hand and perfectionist me, end up having to clean the nail and repeat the process many times before I am satisfied.

By then, the hours of nail polish and alkaline exposure stinks my room for the whole night. :(

Someone told me he prefers my nails bare with at most a layer of topcoat shine (“if you really have to paint something”) so I erased the pinky nails and went au natural –  for 2 days.

Now my nails are glittery with 32 blings. So messy Pwetty pwetty! Annnnd, I just bought a whole lot more to be shipped in from Hong Kong. I love ebay! :) am going to do more mystery shopping assignments to bump up my Paypal.

Its bath time!! Pictures will be up later! :)


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