Food back in Singapore.

December 27, 2009

Back. With photos as promised… My few good meals before I left for my date with KL. :)


My set of nails for christmas… It doesn’t look so good now as my nail grew a little before I took the picture. But that is my right hand painted on by my shaky left hand. So it turned out acceptable by my standards. :) today I slaved over shiny, bimbotic nails but that is my new year nails which will be unveiled at countdown on Thursday!

Time just flies hur? In 4 days, it would be 2010 and in 2 years, the world would end (if you believe the movie). Come 2010, I am set to make some very drastic and bold changes to my life. I am so having cold feet now but its really for the best right? God help me. :(


One of the weekdays, Cheeleng and I had lunch with Fifi noob and because we didn’t have any plans till dinner, we walked from Raffles Place to Chinatown to visit cultural sites like the Fuk Tai Chi Museum.


As we were still early, we shopped a little at Bugis before meeting Darren to play arcade. Surprisingly, he was really good at the basketball game. Haha.


As dinner approached, my darlings started arriving and we went for steamboat buffet!!!!


I love buffet.. Especially steamboat because you never feel fat after. Lol.


Ate sooo much!!! *diet starts tomorrow*


Favourite chicken rice with the grandmother. ;) been having this since I was a kid in a run-down coffee shop with no aircon. Today, it is a restaurant with long queues every single night!!


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