Fighting the mess!

January 5, 2010

I am packing my room now. I don’t like packing and have been putting it off since I returned from Brissy (my luggage is still just as it was minus the smelly clothes and souveniers). Decided to do something more substantial today because I lost my bank card. The Commonwealth bank one – lucky its not the POSB one or I am so officially screwed.

So from frantically rummaging through my stacks of papers and occassionally finding magazines unread, to sifting through my drawers and finding small toys, I have now reached the very bursting wardrobe. Pulling out a few tops have caused an avalanche of clothes to come tumbling. :( :( :(

It amazes me how much junk I can accumulate through the years. Major spring cleaning in time for Chinese New Year. That is my one and only resolution for 2010. Wish me luck!!!!

P/S (this is baaad! I am not getting any progress and I realised I am missing my pink i/c too!)


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