Day 2 in KL – food, food and more food :)

January 6, 2010

Today, I am a diligent blogger… Because its stay-at-home-day again and I really dread packing.

Sigh, I miss my room in Brisbane. Its so big with so so so much closet space to chuck my barangs everytime they get abit too much to bear. Zzz… And also there is only 5 months worth of mess there unlike the 21 years of sentimental collections I have cramped into my very tiny cozy room back here. :(

Okayyy, without further ado, presenting day 2 of my holiday!!!


Elaine got us all up bright and early at the unholy time of 6.30am for breakfast of Bak Kut Teh although we grumbled alot, I guess we have to be grateful for locals who take us around to the best food, impossible to reach with public transport.

This place must be really famous as a few phone calls later (note: the time is still ungodly 6.30am) we have found a contingent of 3 cars to head out to this god-forsaken, uber faraway eatery. Its cool to be part of an envoy on the roads.. Haha. Like nobody will dare to bully you. :P

We reached at 9 plus, the place was packed (to think its a weekday morning!!!) and we were told they only have fatty pork left (the rest sold out already). I almost fainted! You mean the people here are such early risers that me waking up at 6.30am cannot even ensure me a choice of food?! -_-


I was shocked once more when presented with boiling water and basins to wash and sterilize our own plates and cutlery! What sort of weird eatery is this to ask the customer to wash-up for you????

Alice even had to provide her own tea leaves should she want drinks (lucky my Malaysian friends all came prepared with packets of tea leaves in their handbags). This must be the norm here. Hmmm…


Finally, the much awaited and anticipated food came!!! Unlike the peppery Singapore version which I hate, the soup here is sweeeeet! :) there was even a dry version of meat cooked in the same Bak Kut Teh stock. It was amazing that such good food can be found in such a rundown place with rude service staff. Authentic Malaysian?


After breakfast, we drove down for a bout of shopping at The Garden. It is a high-end shopping mall and not really within my lowly student budget. :(

So Cheeleng and I who were getting tired because we woke up so early that morning took a very expensive teabreak at cutecute bakery cafe, Delectable….


Strawberry cheesecake like a piece of art! Even the plate had groves for the spoon to fit perfectly… SGD9 which is really pricey considering I am paying for it in ringgit.


Got another ‘7 sins of chocolate’ to share because its their no. 1 seller.. Really felt like tai-tais sitting outside the shop with our pretty cakes. Hehehe.


As The Garden is linked to Mid-Valley shopping mall by a bridge, we went over to take a look. The things here are slightly more common but such brands are cheaper in Singapore so we contented ourselves with just admiring the very elaborate christmas displays that are very lacking in Singapore malls. :(

I realised the difference between KL malls and our shopping belt, Orchard Road, is that Malaysians spend more effort differentiating the malls within and Singaporeans focusses on the outside – probably not to eat onto expensive retail spaces?


This makes me hungry!!!! All these food in the supermarket, Justco where you choose from a huge variety of food and make payment at the cashier. YUM~ :)

Seeing all these photos makes me realise just how much I have been pigging out in KL. Eeek!


Moving on, we had steamboat buffet for dinner! So so so so much food to put all the Bugis steamboat houses to shame! 3 whole stories with each floor so sprawling and there was still a queue downstairs. Plus, its cheap! SGD9 for fresh seafood steamboat.


The soup wasn’t from instant stock too!!! I want to go back already lah!! Haha..


Other than a dessert bar serving 6 flavours of ice-cream, better quality drinks (definitely NOT syrup) and nonya kuehs, there are funny food items I don’t commonly see but taste so good. Like taupok balls which Alvin calls “da bomb” and floats at the top of the soup looking so weird. Lol. :P


Floating strings of noodles which I thought was a waste of stomach space till I realised it wasn’t udon noodles but fish tubes… Like fishballs or cake only in long form and is super-duper springy. Nicenicenice~

Aiyah, like that how to lose weight sia!!! :'(


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