Days 3 and 4 in KL….

January 9, 2010

Today was a very forgetful day. I forgot to bring out some important cards, took the MRT from the wrong side of the tracks (ended up on the red line when in fact I should be going back to Tampines) and this mistake resulted in me being on the last train back home. Thankfully there was still the last train if not I really can go bang wall already. -_-


Photo time!!! First, photos I deleted from my camera but managed to salvage from Facebook. Hehe..


The steamboat spread I mentioned in my previous post. This is just the raw food table. There is still the equally big cooked food and dessert spread lining the other side of the wall. Multiply this by 3 stories and you got a hell lot of yummy food for SGD9!!!!! Suddenly, Bugis seems to be a big rip-off! :(


Outdoor deco at Sunway Pyramid. Aussie pals! ^^



On day 3, we got up early again for famous wanton mee! Gosh, my hair and eyes look sooo cannot-wake-up… Someone once told me “早餐要吃的好, 午餐要吃的饱, 晚餐要吃的少.” So good good breakfast to make my day! :)


Doesn’t it just look so good??? With dumpling soup and additional roast meat combination platter! *YUMS* the homemade icy cold luo han guo just complements the whole meal. All these for SGD5… I should migrate to Malaysia, all the cheap and delicious food. :D


After a hearty breakfast, Elaine drove us down to Berjaya Times Square (which is like our Far East Plaza). 7 storeys of shops and even an indoor roller coaster!

Cheeleng and I was the happiest here. Although some styles were rather weird we managed to find a few pretty buys.


Photo-taking with cute snowmen figurines also made our day sweeter! :)


Winter wonderland, so cuteeee~


Shopping makes us thirsty so we stopped for Mango dessert at this little shop… Actually we could shop more only Elaine told us the next stop, Sungei Wang has similar items for cheaper!! So we sort of lost interest.

Unfortunately, when we reached Sungei Wang, we were both very, Very, VERY lethargic. Probably because we bought quite a few new clothes and were worried that the exact same pieces were indeed cheaper there so the mood was off already. Plus, Sungei Wang was really messy and cluttered and crowded and dirty-looking putting us off shopping even more. :(

We ended up looking for nail salons and foot massages to idle the time away. Hehehe. Alvin and Elaine probably had the same sentiments as us because they didn’t even shop!!! And if we didn’t accidently meet them (we always spilt up once we reach our destinations so the lovebirds can have their couple time) at KFC (because someone told Cheeleng the chicken in Malaysia is juicier – I can’t taste the difference, seriously) we would have wasted the whole evening! Bahx!


Anyways, because we left earlier than planned, we could squeeze in another mall. High-class, The Pavilion….


This place has by far the most extravagent and luxurious christmas trimmings I have seen!


The outside apart from a dozen towering christmas trees all decked in glitter and lush reddish hues, there were reindeer and sleds all made from a megazillion fairy lights! So angelic pretty……


Inside, there was happy songs played, singing and dancing performances, many many many many many freaking tall trees, carpeted floors ANDDDDDD A 5-STOREY HIGH CURTAIN! So royalty, no wonder the theme was “A Royale Christmas”. *super in awe*


There was even my favourite toy on display!!!!! This are just some of my favourites. :)))

Obviously, we can’t afford anything here (think Paragon prices) so we left in about an hour for a late dinner at Chinatown.


Street-side delicacies… I found it quite digusting that I was facing a rusty, dripping tap, mouldy buildings and a cockroach-infested drain hole! But the food was no doubt excellent!

Malaysians must like their food sweet… First was the sweet Bak Kut Teh and now, the sweet Hokkien Mee. Yay, I like sweet sweet too~

After dinner, we walked down the very bustling streets all the while watching our bags tightly. Every lane was hawking imitation branded goods much like in Shanghai. Haizzz, I really don’t see the point of buying fakes. Inspired products look so much more tasteful than a deliberately misspelled brand name or cheap logo prints. Eek!


Needless to say, we just hurried through lanes of vendors trying to sweet talk you into buying their inferior goods and arrived at a dessert house! The herbal jelly was expensive but we were all heaty so it was exceptionally beneficial.


Since it was our last night, we stayed out later (thank goodness for the car) and ended up at a Mamak shop. Something like our prata shop but they are pushcart-like food stalls that appear in the middle of nowhere only at night till the wee hours of the morning.

The food here was the BEST! Apparently, this store (about an hour and a half drive away) is Elaine’s favfav hangout because of the soft-shell crab fried rice. Not only was the crab big, they were very generous with the seafood and other goodies all fried together. Perfect carbo fix in the middle of the night!

Returned to her place early in the morning and fell straight asleep with our full tummies. Speaking of this point, I really feel bad..

Everytime I enter her car, Cheeleng and I would promptly fall asleep and get all grouchy when we reach and have to wake up. Never once did we consider that Elaine sleeping later than us (because she always insist we shower first and even gave up her bed for us while she sleeps on the floor) has to stay alert and drive through the horrendous KL traffic. Even though we contributed for petrol, toll and carpark fees, I don’t think we showed appreciation enough. Hmm.. (note to self: be nicer to her when she stays over in Aussie) LOL.


Next morning, we woke up later and headed for famous Nasi Lemak. The queue was amazingly long because it is a weekend and also because we reached at about 10 plus. In fact, the whole carpark was overflowing and people had to resort to parking their cars in the middle of the road (the sides were fully parked too). Main road leh!! If Singapore, I think the police come and summon already. Haha..


Last stop of our trip, 1 Utama Shopping Centre commonly known as 1-U. Alvin’s favourite mall comes in 2 wings, the old and the new. The new has all the usual branded names while the old has cheaper buys. The highlight though, wasn’t shopping anymore. But a dear friend who drove through the night to meet us!

YEE VOON!!!!! :)


Basically, we spent the time catching up with childhood food, A&W’s rootbeer float, waffles with icecream and curly fries!

Afterwards, came a series of unfortunate events. :( :( :(

We were in the car rushing to the airport because we overlooked the time and “BANG!” we got into one of KL’s oh-so-common car accidents. It was a 3 car pile up and the culprit car was a mega cute Mini Cooper totally crushed with the driver stuck in his seat and bleeding from the head like no body’s business – why wasn’t there the inflatable balloon thingy?!

The ambulance and police took ages to come (not surprisingly) and traffic slowed to a crawl. There was a jam mainly because people are so kaypo, some even stopping to look! *faints*

It all started like this….

First, I heard Cheeleng scream then I felt a HUGE jerk on my side followed by an impact sending my forward. She was talking to me so was facing my direction and saw the car coming towards us. In the chain of collisions, my phone rang. Of course, it didn’t make sense to pick up then lah..

After everything settled down and Elaine went out to argue with the drivers involved in the crash (Cheeleng and I stayed in the car because Malaysia is famous for fake accidents and car robberies) I picked up my phone to see Trixie’s anxious “Are you okay?” SMS all the way from Singapore.

Moment of telepathy?

Hahaha.. She was actually worried about the flood she read in the papers about but chose a very opportune moment to show concern. Love my sister. :)

To cut the long story shot, Cheeleng and I had to mad run for our plane and Alvin stayed behind to perform boyfriend duties. Help her explain to her parents and settle the insurance lah! What were you thinking???

Glad no one got hurt though… Will be going to temple to thank the Gods tomorrow (more than a month late.. Oops!)…

Well, that rounds up my short 4D3N holiday. Had great fun with very low expenses (less than $200 all in)… I still have ringgit left so who’s up for JB shopping next week? :P


On a totally random note, check out this cool site I came across… Good night! :)


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